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Mar 4, 2013 7:00am PST
korea's kim junk unwants president obama to give him a call. that's according to former nba star dennis rodman. you can't make this stuff up. rodman gave his first interview since returning to the u.s. from an unprecedented visit to north korea last week. here is what else he had to say. i sat with him for two days. and the one thing, he asked me to give obama to say .do one thing. call him. >> he wants a call from president obama? >> that's right. he told me that. >> ashley judd dodged questions friday about her potential run for the u.s. senate, challenging mitch mcconnell. she was speaking at an event at george washington university. >> my question was a little more domestically focused because i know you may be running for political office. but i'm not asking you about that. >> is there an elephant in the room? >> the hill is reporting today judd met with leaders of the democratic senatorial committee last month to talk about a possible run. and if you read only one thing this morning, my must read is courtesy of forbes magazine, tracking down hidden fortunes across the globe. it's
Mar 6, 2013 7:00am PST
that statement from former congressman i was having flashback to dennis rodman's embrace to the north korean leader. i don't think that congressman kennedy has served himself well by -- in advertising or in that statement elevating chavez. it seems to me that, look, the relationship with venezuela can't get worse than it was under chavez, but it's going to take a significantly long time to bakley let the venezuelan people sort of report what seems to me to be the mistake of chavezism. if you listen to vice president maduro, when was wack adoodle things he said, including suggesting that the united states had figured out how to give president chavez cancer, it will take a long time to get this relationship on a better track, which is why you saw the president's statement so cautious, so hesitant, so he doesn't want to dig things deeper by attacking chavez, but it is a long slog. >> again, we will talk about what the united states should do or what it might do in dealing with this transition in about the next 15 minutes, michael, stand by, i want to get to another big story we're following, th
Mar 8, 2013 7:00am PST
from denny's and kellogg's. they're great! [ male announcer ] all chosen just for aarp members. papa john's! [ male announcer ] with new offers every week. find deals on electronics and technology. and save on tickets to exciting concerts and shows. [ taxi whistle ] c'mon, guys, the millers just got their cards, too! [ male announcer ] check out the possibilities. where the deals are. >>> five of the most talked-about republicans, four of them potential runs for president in 2016, will all be together this weekend. invited, former governor jeb bush, senators marco rubio and ted cruz, wisconsin governor scott walkers, and chris christie. what do we expect? communications director for the rnc, shawn spicer. good morning. >> good morning, chris, thanks for having me. >> is this guest list a preview of the 2016 primaries? >> that's great. i think it might be a start. we have 30 governors across america doing great things, a lot of rising stars in the senate, so i think there will be a huge bench to choose from when it comes to our next nominee. >> though i'm sure you s
Mar 1, 2013 7:00am PST
dennis rodman is in north korea reportedly telling kim jong-un he has a friend for life. rodman and globetrotters are there for a film documentary on hbo. kim jong-un, apparently a die-hard basketball fan. >>> and just moments ago, the latest rocket blasted off for a run to the international space station. the dragon capsule is full of supplies. it's the company's third delivery mission to the space station. those pictures are always cool. >>> three years ago the u.s. took home 30 olympic medals in canada. nine of them gold. who is that person with the long hair? i'll take you back there on this week's flashback friday. get a haircut. >>> more restaurants are offering cheap eats since the 2% tax hike took effect in january. cnbc's seema mody is here. >> that's right. a pullback from consumers in response, restaurants, chris, as you were pointing out, are stepping up their value offering subway will now include a $3 6-inch suband olive garden with a $6.95 lasagna primavera and restaurants are noticing the change and taking action. >> and my favorite story of the day, i think, the
Mar 22, 2013 7:00am PDT
the wrong home insurance coverage, it's your bank account that might explode. so get allstate. [ dennis ] good hands. good home. make sure you have the right home protection. talk to an allstate agent. >>> a fierce political battle is being waged right now that could be a foreshadowing of more to come. new york city's counsel is now holding a hearing on the issue of paid sick leave. a group of supporters held a rally outside city hall in just the last hour. part of the escalating battle as workers across the country without paid sick leave say they have a difficult choice. either they have to show up to work sick and potentially make others sick or stay home and not get paid. at the same time democratic senator tom harkin reintroduced legislation that would set a national minimum sick day standard. joining me now is sarah jane glen. >> thanks for having me on. >> we invited you because you co-wrote this op ed. and you pointed out that just in new york city more than a million workers don't have paid sick leave. now a lot of employers among other things we'll tell you it's a perk they ju
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5